Living In The Fast Lane

20140227_171556People often ask me “How do you manage full-time work, family, school, and everything else you do?” Most often my answer is a simple “I don’t know.” But, this week I was graced with time to reflect on this and other questions. As I sat outside the operating room, where wife was being prepped to deliverer our third daughter, time stood still for a moment and I realized I had been living in the fast lane.

While the fast lane may allow me to arrive at my given destination faster, it also prevents me from observing and appreciating the scenery. Psalm 90:12 states “So teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart.” (NRSV) As a child I often heard this verse repeated in church. Today I understand the lesson contained that short verse, time is a gift from God; each moment of life brings with itself an opportunity to attain wisdom.

The fast lane cannot be a constant state of life, we must slowdown and enjoy each moment for our days are numbered.